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Stop the cycle of “I’ll be happy when…”

By May 17, 2020 July 6th, 2020 No Comments
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Look at yourself right now and understand that you ARE a masterpiece! An ever-evolving masterpiece yes, but a work of art regardless.

It’s ok to aim for more. It’s ok to wish to improve. But it’s not ok to dismiss or diminish the value of who we are right now, at this very moment. Because what you are today, where you stand right now IS the only place from which you CAN move toward anything else. And so you are PERFECT just the way you are! Equipped and ABLE to lovingly and kindly continue to evolve into the you that you envision.

We are all a work in progress. Make no excuse for your mess. Embrace it. Use it. Love it. Grow FROM IT!

True transformation arises from a place of love. Self-love!
Yours in wellness and kindness.

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