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My wellness journey is also a spiritual journey.

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Drawing on my faith for strength, courage, and perseverance is both humbling (realizing I can’t do it alone) and empowering (knowing I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me).

When I recognize being well and living healthy as a sign of reverence for God, and an attitude of thanks and appreciation for what He has blessed me with (this awesome body that houses my soul), I am reminded of my purpose. I have clarity that my body is a vessel, a channel through which I can fulfill my calling. Embarking on this journey to wellness is merely a vehicle that allows me to honor God with my body.

In an effort to keep toxicity out, I am learning to invite positive thoughts. I embrace kindness and recognize that true transformation is grounded in self-love. And so I choose to be kind to myself; kind to others; and kind to the world I live in.

Abuse and neglect, can’t coexist with kindness. I must choose daily, again and again what path I will take. Will I show love to my body by feeding it well, giving it adequate time for rest and restoration, gifting it with movement? Or will I poison it, deprive it, and restrict it?

When I actually take the time to pause, and truly listen; when I don’t just react to people or situations, and instead choose to give God’s Spirit space to act through me, the choice is clear and easy.

It is not easy to let the Spirit take charge of my mind when everything in the world seems to be screaming loudly, distracting me and threatening to disconnect me from the source. But when I make my life a practice to remain grounded strongly in my faith, I am reminded that it is all so simple.

Love and kindness (God’s voice and essence) will always be uplifting and compassionate. I can then rest assured that the only choice is the kind choice.

I am learning to tie my transformation to the truth that lives within me. I am learning to invite God in all my moments, knowing that only then (when I invite grace in every aspect of my life) will I truly have the balance I so desperately seek.

Inspired by my morning prayer. My quiet time with God.

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